District Calendar


2019-20 School Calendar

August 12-13 Teacher In-Service

August 14 FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL for students (dismissal 12:50)

August 30 Early Dismissal – NWMO State Fair (dismissal 12:50)

September 2 No School Labor Day

September 13 Teacher In-Service (dismissal 12:50)

October 11 End 1st Quarter (42 days) (dismissal 12:50)

October 17 Parent/Teacher Conferences (dismissal 12:50)

Conferences 2:00pm – 6:00pm

October 18 No School

November 8 Teacher In-service (dismissal 12:50)

November 27-28-29 No School Thanksgiving Break

December 20 Early Dismissal Christmas Break (dismissal 12:50)

End 2nd Quarter (41 Days) and 1st Semester (88 days)

January 2 Classes Resume

January 10 Teacher In-service (dismissal 12:50)

January 20 No School Martin Luther King Jr. Day

February 14 Teacher In-service (dismissal 12:50)

February 17 No School Presidents Day

March 6 Teacher In-service End 3rd Quarter 45 days (dismissal 12:50)

March 16-20 Spring Break

April 10-13 Easter Break

May 12 Final Tests Dismissal at 2:27pm

May 13 Final Tests Dismissal at 12:50pm

End 4th Quarter (46 days) and Second Semester (86 Days)

May 14 Teacher In-service

Make up Inclement Weather days will be taken in this order

Jan 20

Feb 17

March 20

March 19

April 13

May 14

Cainsville R-I School Shortened Schedule 2019/20

On days when a shortened schedule is planned, the first or second half of the school day will be held on an alternating basis. Class periods will be the full, normal amount of time. The day will begin at the normal time – 8:15 a.m. and end at 12:50 p.m. Classes begin with 1st hour or 4th hour depending on which schedule is used.

Date Portion of Schedule Used

August 14 (First Day of School – all class periods shortened)

August 30 Morning – Begin with 1st hour

September 13 Afternoon – Begin with 4th hour

October 11 Morning – Begin with 1st hour

October 17 Afternoon – Begin with 4th hour

November 8 Morning – Begin with 1st hour

December 20 Christmas Parties

January 10 Afternoon – Begin with 4th hour

February 14 Morning –Begin with 1st hour

March 6 Afternoon- Begin With 4th hour

Shortened schedule days are used for PDC workshops, Parent/Teacher Conferences, MSIP workshops, and holidays. The discretion of the superintendent will be used on days when a shortened schedule is required, but not scheduled.